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Miniature Embedded Controller Modules Have Built-In Web Server

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Reported to be the industry's first miniature embedded microcontroller modules with a built-in Web server, the Slim-Link Server family uses a 10Base-T Ethernet port and TCP/IP firmware to allow the modules to directly connect to an intranet or the world-wide Internet via standard protocols. Dynamic web pages reporting variable process data can be served directly from the module to industry standard web browsers. Slim-Link's 16-bit processor, multi-tasking RTOS, and 34 programmable I/O pins allow the device to perform data collection, equipment monitoring, and process control operations in remote locations. Two versions of Slim-Link are available: the XEWC86A, which includes eight 12-bit multiplexed analog input channels and two 12-bit analog output channels, as well as 22 digital I/O lines and a real-time clock; and the digital-only XEWC86, which omits the A/D, D/A and clock functions to achieve a lower cost. Prototype quantities and demo kits are also available.

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