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Miniature Power Connector Combines High Current, Safety

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Snaplock, a miniature power connector series, combines high-current capability with a design aimed at ensuring the strictest levels of safety. These connectors incorporate a simple, effective safety locking mechanism for use as either a temporary or permanent means of securing a mated pair with a non-conductive tip to prevent physical contact with the current-carrying element of the male half when the connectors are unmated. Designed for rapid connection and disconnection, Snaplock is said to reduce costs for service and maintenance. The Snaplock series has a self-wiping action with low-insertion forces, low-contact resistance to minimize power loss, cable strain relief and integral sealing rings for IP67 environmental protection when mated. With a voltage rating of 415 Vac, the connector handles continuous currents of up to 200A, or peak currents up to 400A, depending on the cable size used. Operating temperature ranges from -30¡C to +125¡C. Available in both panel-mounting and in-line configurations, these miniature power connectors have a maximum diameter of 36 mm, while the maximum length of an in-line mated pair is 200 mm. NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP., Iselin, NJ. (417) 829-5208.

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