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Miniscule Package Is Platform For Host Of Analog Circuits

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A miniature packaging technology known as micro SMD enables designers to place the analog functions housed in the package very close to signal sources, minimizing noise in complex designs. The firm has announced a selection of 13 parts available in the tiny package, which is born of a wafer-level packaging process. A patented encapsulation process is applied to the front and back of the wafer, producing a "packageless" device. At the same time, die yields rise as a result of the protection the encapsulation affords, as the wafer is singulated. The process eliminates a number of back-end processing steps, reducing manufacturing cycle times by two to three weeks.The bumped dice provide absolute minimum interconnection lengths, which results in low inductance and little signal degradation. Parts now offered in the package include the LMC555 CMOS timer, LM20 analog temperature sensor, LM431 adjustable shunt regulator, LM78L05 three-terminal positive voltage regulator, LM358 dual op amp, and a selection of low-dropout regulators.

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