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Mixed-Signal DPPs Replace Mechanical POTS

Designed specifically to replace mechanical potentiometers and trimmers over a wide range of applications, this family of mixed-signal, nonvolatile digitally programmable potentiometers (DPPs) are suited for automating the calibration and adjustment of electronic systems. They allow remote adjustments and controls that are not possible with mechanical potentiometers, which require manual or machine adjustment. Twelve models are currently available, including the CAT514, CAT515, CAT524 and CAT525 quad, 256-tap potentiometers. The dual CAT512, CAT522, CAT523 256-tap potentiometers, and the single CAT511 and CAT521 256-tap pots are also available. In addition, two single, 100-tap models, the CAT5111 and CAT5113, are scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year. Pricing in 10,000 units in industry-standard pinouts ranges from $0.48 to $2.10 each. CATALYST SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 542-1000.

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