A Model Agreement

Munich, Germany — GenISys and the Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB) will join forces to develop and license advanced 3D resist modeling techniques for e-beam and proximity lithography. Under terms of their agreement, GenISys will integrate the 3D resist modeling technologies developed by Fraunhofer IISB’s Lithography Simulation Group into GenISys’ products for proximity lithography for microsystems and e-beam lithography. As structures continue to shrink, absolute accuracy on the wafer becomes increasingly critical. Resist process effects substantially impact the resolution of nanometre e-beam lithography, and standard proximity effect correction based solely on electron scattering is falling short. "We decided to leverage Fraunhofer’s almost 20 years of experience and proven expertise in resist modeling for advanced projection lithography honoured by working with the industry’s leading IC manufacturers," says Ulrich Hofmann, founder and general manager of GenISys. GenISys also announced that PEC pioneer Nikola Belic is to join the company’s power team as senior development engineer. Belic is best known as the developer of Proxecco PEC software. Pic caption: Ulrich Hofmann, founder and general manager, GenISys

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