Electronic Design

Modeling Software Adds Variation-Aware Extensions

New extensions to the Liberty library format, the de facto open-source modeling standard for integrated circuit implementation and signoff, facilitate variation-aware design. This technique allows engineers to control design margins, improve robustness, and increase parametric yield. To help ensure the highest levels of accuracy, these new Liberty extensions are built on the Composite Current Source (CCS) models, the industry's first current-based models to unify timing, signal-integrity, and power, according to Synopsys.

Process-variation models are the enablers to variation-aware design and emerging applications such as statistical static timing analysis. These applications account for uncertainties due to variability in devices and interconnects at sub-65-nm technology nodes. To be valuable to designers, variation-based cell models should be built on the most accurate representation of silicon behavior. CCS modeling technology has proven to deliver accuracy within 2% of the HSPICE tool at leading semiconductor companies, according to Synopsys.


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