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Modular Design Permits Interconnects To Be Assembled Without Tools

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Capable of combining both power and signal functions, Compodre modular connector assemblies consist of a shroud with internal pods that can accept any combination of the firm's Mini-Fit and Micro-Fit connectors. Designed to save space by consolidating multiple connector requirements in one package and to provide a cost-effective way of customizing interconnects, the assemblies are especially useful in applications requiring varying amperages and/or a combination of power and signal contacts. Application examples include power supplies, computers, copiers, and vending and gaming equipment.The innovative modular interconnects require no tools for assembly, with polarized pods helping to prevent improper assembly, polarized shrouds helping prevent mis-mating, and an active latch system on the shroud producing an audible click to indicate proper connection. Pricing depends on type, configuration and quantity, with a six-position wire-to-wire application with two circuts at 50A/circuit, eight circuits at 8A/circuit and 12 circuits at 5A/circuit.

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