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Modular Multi-Channel Waveform Generators Have Long Memories

Available in four modular-instrument form factors, the ZT5210 series of multichannel waveform generators feature a sampling rate of 200 Msamples/s, a 50-MHz bandwidth, and 14-bit resolution. The instruments can output up to 32 Msamples/channel using an 8-Msample waveform library. Users can mix and match up to eight sequences from the waveform library, each with 4096 segments. The instruments also offer an extensive function generator library. Available waveforms include sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, sync pulse, Gaussian pulse, Lorentz pulse, am, fm, dc, haversine, havercosine, half-cycle sine, noise, multi-tone, and serial data. Versions are available in PCI and PXI (two independent outputs) and VXI and LXI (two or four outputs). With a dual memory on each channel, users can play a waveform from one channel while loading a second waveform in the other memory. The ZT5210 series comes with ZWave Waveform Generator Software, which looks and works exactly like a benchtop waveform or function generator. The instruments generate signals up to 14 V pk-pk into 50 O or 28 V pk-pk into high-impedance loads. ZTEC INSTRUMENTS, San Jose, CA. (505) 342-0132.


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