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Module Allows Remotely-Located Products To Be Monitored

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Blood analyzers, fitness machines, weather stations, and a host of other products and systems can be remotely monitored and controlled from any Internet browser by embedding the BFOOT-10501 matchbook-sized smart module into the products. The new Web-server module has a 10Base-T interface that permits it to be connected directly to Ethernet networks around the world. No computer or additional daughtercard is needed to access the Internet. The Web plug can mate with serial (RS-232) devices and also supports IEEE 1451.2 for interfacing sensors and actuators with microprocessors. It also supports standard protocols such as TCP/IP and HTTP over any 10Base-T Ethernet network. The Web server employs an open, distributed system architecture and the firm's Time-Synchronization technology that allows any Ethernet-connected product to be synchronized to within just 200 ns. All of the hardware and software needed to embed the tiny module into machines, instruments and sensors is included in this off-the-shelf Web server.

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