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Module Creates High-Speed VXIplug&play-To-VME Data Link

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Serving as a high-speed (160-MB/s) data bridge from a VXI chassis’s HP Local Bus to a front panel data port (FPDP), a popular VMEbus interface, Model 4404 module helps permit traditional VXI systems tap the wealth of VME products now on the market to perform real-time digital signal processing, high-speed data acquisition and analysis, and a host of other automated testing, process control, and communications activities.The single-slot, C-size VXI module has two FPDP connectors, with the unit accepting data transfers from the Local Bus on the VXI backplane, packing the data into 16- or 32-bit parallel words using a FPGA, which also performs some simple high-speed processing tasks, and sending the data over the connectors. A FPDP controller provides interface logic, timing and handshaking and supports both TTL and PECL data strobes for clock rates up to 40 MHz.

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