Electronic Design

Module Grants Access To Components Throughout Design Process

Customers can use the Supplier Access module to give supply chain partners a direct window to relevant product information throughout the development process. Once customers have centralized their product information in the secure, Web-native environment, they can use Supplier Access to set each partner's access to specific components and assemblies. This offering effectively integrates suppliers into the development process and creates a unified design chain.

The core of this system is a powerful relational database that enables enterprises to organize and manage this information by assembling dynamic, whole-product bills of materials (BOMs). All design chain partners gain secure and convenient real-time access to the same set of product information with no additional IT or administrative overhead for suppliers. Supplier Access lets the OEM create a "virtual" file server for each of its supply chain partners. A company can share updates simply by e-mailing a Web link to relevant data. An account administrator assigns individual roles that allow secure collaboration without compromising proprietary data.

Basic Supplier Access costs $1000 for five floating licenses for one year. An account with the company is needed for Supplier Access licenses.

(866) 636-5902; www.bom.com

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