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Module Integrates Complete Bluetooth Sub-System

All the components and software needed to meet Bluetooth 1.1 specs are said to come housed in a single, 15 x 20 mm package, giving OEMs a quick path to implementing the popular short-range wireless standard into their products. The BTMCM150 Bluetooth Specification 1.1-compliant module includes: a host controller interface for connecting the module to a host system; a 2.4 GHz transceiver; a baseband processor; and all of the other hardware components needed to support Bluetooth designs. Further, system power drain is reduced by employing a 3-V design, while flash memory is embedded into the unit to allow users to upgrade to future Bluetooth software revisions in the field. Samples of the BTMCM150 module will become available in September. The Bluetooth Software Suite and a software development kit and reference design will also be available. For more details, contact DIGIANSWER A/D, subsidiary of Motorola, Dublin, Ireland. 353 1860 0136.

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