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Modules Measure Sound And Vibration

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Four new SCXI modules are designed to make sound and vibration, position, and voltage measurements as part of a PC-based data acquisition system. The SCXI-1530, a 4-channel module, and SCXI-1531, an 8-channel module, deliver sound and vibration measurements with ICP (Integrated Circuit Piezo Electric) accelerometers. The SCXI-1540, an 8-channel module, can be used to measure position with AC linear or rotational variable differential transformers and resolvers. The SCXI-1104C is a 32-chan- nel, 42 VAC input module for measuring dynamic signals at up to 333 kHz. The modules will be available in Q2 with pricing as follows: SCXI-1530, $1,395; SCXI-1531, $1,995; SCXI-1540, $1,395; and SCXI-1104C, $1,295.

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