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Modules Reduce Size Of AM Radio Links

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Measuring 1.50" x 0.57" x 0.08", the AMRRS3 AM receiver modules eliminate the need for discrete designs in remote controls, alarms and other applications requiring capture of un-decoded data from an AM transmitter. The modules have a receiving range of up to 100 meters and combine a maximum data rate of 3 kHz with a typical sensitivity of -106 dBm. They are manufactured on a ceramic substrate that incorporates a saw filter and pre-amplifier front end for maximum sensitivity and reduced EMC emissions. Other features include an operating temperature range -25°C to +80°C, single 5V supply operation, compliance with the European EN300-220-1 standard, and frequency ranges of 315 MHz, 418 MHz and 433.92MHz. Prices start at $24.

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