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MT-RJ Fiber Optic Connectors Are Field-Configurable

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Available in either workstation or frame-station styles, Spectro-Link MT-RJ-style fiber optic connectors are the two newest members of the company's Opt-X Fiber System. The dual-polarity connectors combine high-density MT-RJ connectivity with a field-termination process simple enough for a novice to install in minutes. The workstation-style connectors offer a two-piece construction with dual-polarity keystone-style adapters and pushbutton fiber insertion and retention. Frame-station-style connectors use cam technology to lock the fiber into a terminated position and are high-density for use in the frame, or can be combined with a keystone workstation adapter for use in an MOS wallplate at the workstation. Two new Spectro-Link toolkits are also available.

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