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Multi-Axis SERCOS Controller Features 64-Bit Processor Core

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Designed for demanding OEM and industrial applications requiring close coordination of multiple servo axes, the Emerald EMC-2000 controller features a 64-bit MIPS processor core. This multi-axis SERCOS (SErial Real-time COmmunications System) controller also incorporates a true real-time operating system and includes SERCOS, PCI and DeviceNet interfaces to facilitate its integration into machine control schemes.
In addition, two mezzanine slots can accommodate Ethernet and RS-485 networking, a resolver/encoder/LVDT master follower, removable memory, analog input and output, and an embedded processor. And two isolated RS-232 ports and a CAN port for DeviceNet or IIS CAN protocol provide communications capabilities. Other features include an isolated master encoder follower input, up to 256 I/Os, a failsafe watchdog timer output, and 24 vdc operation. The system uses the Emerald Development Environment and Emerald Motion Language. Performance is rated at 100 MIPS and 64 Mflops.

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