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Multi-Channel Digitizers Come In cPCI/PXI Format

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Suited for use in large data-acquisition systems and multi-channel automated testing applications, the Models DC270 and DC265 digitizers are packaged in the 6U CompactPCI/PXI standard. The modules feature four full data-acquisition channels, plus an external input. The DC270 digitizer offers the highest performance with each channel offering an individual 1-GS/s digitizer with 250-MHz bandwidth and long acquisition memory. The DC265 is a lower-cost alternative with each channel offering 500-MS/s sampling, 150-MHz bandwidth and up to 1Mpoint of memory. The digitizers deliver oscilloscope-like performance with input voltage ranges from 50 mV to 5V full scale, 50 ohms and 1 Megaohm coupling, variable offset, full input protection and flexible triggering. Both modules also include the firm's ASBus, a proprietary high bandwidth auto-synchronous bus system.

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