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Multi-Channel Isolators Are Factory And User Configurable

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The DSCL24 DIN-rail mount series multi-channel isolators are factory configurable for up to 252 different variations of process current or voltage inputs and outputs. Also available is a single-channel model that has four user-configurable jumpers that provide 36 different I/O settings. All DSCL24 models provide 2,300 Vrms I/O isolation, 3,700 Vrms power supply to I/O isolation, and accept universal input power of either 24 to 60 Vac/dc or 85 to 230 Vac/dc. Frequency range for ac usage is from 45 to 400 Hz. Other features include an accuracy of better than ±0.2%, a load resistance range from 0 to 600 ohms in current mode and 2,000 ohms minimum in voltage mode, and a bandwidth of 20 Hz. Measuring only 17.5 mm wide in a DIN-rail case, operating temperature is from -40°C to +70°C. Prices start at $226.

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