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Multi-Protocol Network Adapter Links Token Ring & Ethernet Loops

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The NetBlaster ZX361-ISL is a 100-Mb/s network adapter that allows workstations on token-ring and Ethernet-based networks to directly access shared servers at high speeds. The adapter was developed in conjunction with Cisco Systems and works with Cisco Catalyst switches to enable users with different network topologies and protocols to share data and services.By supporting token ring and Ethernet simultaneously, the adapter enables uses to support mixed LANs or to migrate to Ethernet at their own pace. Cisco developed its Inter-Switch Link (ISL) and Token Ring ISL (TRISL) protocols to expand virtual LAN capabilities across enterprise networks. The ZX361-ISL adapter lets servers on heterogeneous enterprise networks using the ISL and TRISL protocols support both token-ring and Ethernet clients with multiple virtual LANs. Each Ethernet and token-ring packet is encapsulated within these ISL/TRISL protocols, resulting in seamless, error-free communication.

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