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Multicore Optimisation Brought From Cloud To Workstation

Eindhoven, The Netherlands: Vector Fabrics’ downloadable Pareon tool for optimising software for multicore architectures runs on a workstation, unlike previous versions, which were in the cloud, accessed via Web browser (see the figure). Designers, then, can more easily integrate Pareon into their existing workflow or integrated development environment (IDE). Pareon also allows for larger applications that make a lot of calls to libraries, for example.

Designers can download the Vector Fabrics Pareon tool for optimising software for multicore architectures right to their workstation, enabling easier integration into their workflow.

Pareon effectively combines Vector Fabrics’ previous parallelisation tools into one product. It also introduces more than 50 new features, including bus and shared cache contention modelling, support for C/C++, ARM Neon, and recognition of many more parallel code patterns.

Like its predecessors, Pareon allows developers to optimise programs for multicore systems in hours or days, a task that typically takes weeks or months. The tool’s analysis engine prevents hard-to-find and hard-to-reproduce threading bugs, while its hardware modelling engine prevents developers from writing code that introduces performance bottlenecks or even causes slowdowns.

Vector Fabrics

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