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Multimedia Connector Handles Up 10,000 Mating Operations

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Targeted at consumer-industry and data-collection applications, the new seven-pin Multimedia Card (MMC) connectors are rated for 10,000 mating operations and meet the specifications of the MMC Association. This surface mount technology connector is molded from liquid-crystal polymer and utilizes gold plated phosphor bronze contacts. The MMC connectors are offered in trays or embossed tape for automatic insertion equipment. The company's current nine-pin version was the first MMC/SD card connector. A revised nine-pin SanDisk card design incorporating a write-protect switch, card lock notch, card detect, and possible electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding mechanism per the SDMC (SanDisk Memory Card) Association specification is due in the fourth quarter of 2000. Pricing for the 7-pin and 9-pin connectors in 25,000-piece quantities is $0.60 each and $0.66 each, respectively.

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