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Multiplexer Gains Ring Protection And Network Management Circuitry

Originally introduced as a SONET/SDH subsystem in a modular package, the MicroADM multiplexer has now been enhanced with additional software functionality for ring protection and network management features. Called the TADM042G5, the module supports a range of protocols that includes IP, 10/100 Mb and Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, frame relay, ATM, POS, and simplified data link (SDL) at data rates from 155 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s. Other integrated features include a transmitter, an optical receiver, optoelectronic interfaces, a microprocessor, clock-protection switch and clock synthesis, SRAM, and flash memory. For more details and price, call AGERE SYSTEMS, Allentown, PA. (800) 372-2447.

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