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Network Analyzers Feature Three Channels And Internal VSWR

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Claiming to provide enhanced functionality and speed compared to the company's previous generation of network analyzers, the R376XG series from Advantest offers three models from 300 kHz to 8 GHz. All three models have three channels and either an internal VSWR bridge or an internal S-parameter test set. An internal three-port test set that allows duplexers to be tested in a single measurement is available as an option.
A third receive channel with three-port calibration enables simultaneous measurement of two signal paths, halving measurement time.
The R3765G and R3767G analyzers feature a measurement speed of 0.1 ms/point with a maximum resolution 1,200 points, four-channel operation with eight traces in split-screen mode, programmable and segmented sweep with selectable parameters, and a 100 dB dynamic range. The R376XG analyzers include macro marker functions, 10 markers per trace with an optional list of marker values, limit lines with comparator function, autoscaling, and a variety of calibration routines.

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