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New Configurations Offered For Handheld Acoustic Analyzer

Options available with the System 824 handheld, digital, real-time acoustic analyzer include memory of >10,000 intervals, data logging of interval Ln, time history, maximum and minimum spectra, and time history noise even markers (user named or selected from airplane, train, etc.). And its 824-FFT narrowband filtering option provides up to 400 lines of FFTs, as well as fractional octave analysis according to ANSI/IEC standards. The 824-TAL Tonality Measurement Option firmware implements German standard DIN 45681 to provide a measure of tonality of noise- in an environmental noise application, a penalty can be added to noises with strong tonal components. Several noise regulations such as those in Australia and Germany have implemented such adjustments. Tonality can be extremely useful in fields such as product quality.

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