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A New Direction

As you can see from the Volume Number shown in the masthead on the left side of this page, EE Product News has been around for a long time. During this time, it has been one of the leading product tabloids for the electronic design engineering community. Come November, though, EE Product News will change from a product tabloid to a new type of design resource for electronic engineers.

Why the change? There are several reasons, but the one I’ll focus on is the Reader Survey we conducted a few months ago. In answer to a question about the type of coverage you would like to see, the largest number answered: Concise summaries of new product announcements. We were happy about this, since this is what we do and will continue to do. However, not far behind were tutorial articles and design application articles. So starting in November, we have decided to add these to our mix.

One other point came through loud and clear on the survey. We found that most of you are battling time. There’s simply not enough of it to do your job and then wade through a bunch of industry publications, too. Taking this into account, we thought of another change. We decided to write our content in a time saving format, enabling you to easily scan for information you need. This will be true of all our coverage: products, tutorials, design articles and anything else we write.

Finally, we’ve made one more change. We’ve extended the magazine beyond print to the digital realm. That’s right, EEPN will now have a digital component called EEPN2. Unlike a simple replica of the print version that most magazines now do, this will be additional content that complements what we do in print. EEPN2 will commence publication in January, 2006. I’m excited about the possibilities, and I hope you will be too.

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