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New Line Of Single-Core MIPS Processors Expands SiByte Family

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The BCM112x line of single-core processors expands the companyÕs SiByte family of high-performance, low-power, highly integrated MIPS processors for networking, wireless communications, storage, appliance, and imaging applications. The new processor line leverages the architecture of the companyÕs BCM1250, a MIPS-based dual-core SoC.The BCM112x processors, consisting of a single CPU, integrated memory controller and I/O, span a 400 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range with power consumption starting at less than 4W. The first two products in the line are the BCM1125H and BCM1125. Both devices feature: the SiByte-1, a deeply pipelined 64-bit MIPS CPU; an on-chip 256 KB L2 cache; and a DDR memory controller that supports up to 8 GB of memory. A variety of peripherals are also provided. They include two 10/100/1000 Ethernet MACs optionally configurable to one 16-bit or two 8-bit FIFO interfaces, a 32-bit, 33/66-MHz PCI bridge, two serial interfaces, a generic bus for direct connection to boot flash, PCMCIA support, and extensive on-chip debug features. In addition, the BCM1125H supports HyperTransport, a high-speed I/O bus.All functional blocks of the processor are connected by the ZBbus, a 256-bit wide internal system that delivers up to 128 Gb/s of on-chip bus bandwidth. The company claims the processors can perform wire-speed Layer 3 processing/routing in excess of 5 Mpackets/s. With its two integrated MACs, the BCM112x can support data rates up to 2 Gb/s. Sample silicon of the BCM1125 and BCM1125H will be available in Q2 at $299 each. BROADCOM CORP., Irvine, CA. (949) 450-8700.

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