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New Probe Facilitates USB 2.0 Analysis

The FS4120 Universal Serial Bus (USB) analysis probe is targeted at engineers involved with debugging, testing, verification, and compliance testing of USB 2.0 peripherals and USB-based systems. Designed for use with Agilent Technologies logic analyzers, the probe provides an electrical and mechanical interface between the USB device-under-test and the logic analyzer for passive bus analysis testing. Two separate measurement ports enable designers to independently measure a high-speed device and a full-speed device simultaneously. Key features of the probe include: complete USB serial-to-parallel decode, providing a protocol view of bus traffic; test points for dc current, inrush current and suspend current measurements for self-powered devices; support for both USB 1.1 and 2.0; operation at all USB speeds of 480, 12 or 1.5 Mb/s; and SMA connections for easy triggering and connection to a high-speed oscilloscope. The software included with the probe contains complete configuration files and a USB-protocol inverse assembler for the Agilent logic analyzers. List price of the probe is $7,995. FUTUREPLUS SYSTEMS CORP., Colorado Springs, CO. (719) 278-3540.

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