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New Technique Improves Type N T connectors

An innovative counterbore joining technique that replaces the miter-cut joining technique saves both time and money in the manufacture of two new Type N T connectors, savings that are passed along to the customer. The adapters are rated for operating voltages of 1000 V rms and have a maximum dielectric withstanding voltage of 2500 V RMS at 60 Hz at sea level. Available in both male and female versions, the Ts are designed for a temperature range of ?65°C to 165°C and meet interface standards in accordance with MIL-STD-348. Manufactured with PTFE dielectric material, the connectors feature gold and silver center contacts for excellent connectivity. They are available in albaloy, nickel, and silver body finishes. Pricing for the 0410-38 and 0410-39 T connectors starts at $5.70 and $6.20, respectively, in quantities of 3000 or more. Delivery is from stock to six weeks. SAN-TRON INC., Ipswich, MA. (978) 356-1585.

Company: SAN-TRON INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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