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Non-CFC Spray Cleaners Dry Rapidly

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A series of aerosol and bulk cleaners incorporates a combination of properties that are critical to electronics users. The cleaners, which include Flux-Off CZ Flux Remover, Electro-Wash CZ Cleaner Degreaser, and Pow-R-Wash CZ Contact Cleaner, offer excellent solvency, low toxicity, non-flammability, plastics compatibility and rapid drying. The non-conductive products can be used on powered circuitry.All products contain Cirozane CFC replacement chemistry, which is based on 3M's HFE-7100 hydrofluoroether. HFE-7100 is listed as acceptable without restrictions under the Significant New Alternatives Policy program of the U.S. EPA for use as an alternative to ozone-depleting substances in specific solvent cleaning and aerosol applications.

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