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Non-Contacting Position Sensors Have Very Long Life Expectancy

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The TLI series of non-contacting, rod-style linear position transducers uses capacitive, moving pick-up technology to achieve wear-free operation with life expectancy of more than 200 million cycles. The capacitive, moving pick-up receives an input current signal from a resistive track that reflects the position of the pick-up. The current is transferred by the pick-up to a parallel collector track and processed by an integrated electronic module. The current or voltage outputs are directly proportional to the displacement. The sensors can be mounted in high-pressure applications and have a compressive strength of 350 bars with compressive peaks up to 600 bars. Output options are 0V to 10V, 10V to 0V, 0 mA to 20 mA, 4 mA to 20 mA, 20 mA to 0 mA or 20 mA to 4 mA. Supply voltage is 18 to 30 vdc. Operating temperature range is -40°C to 80°C, and, depending upon model, electrical stroke length ranges from 2" to 39". Maximum operating speed is 394"/s and acceleration is 300m/s2.

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