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Nonvolatile Memory IP Now Available For 90-nm Processes

Kilopass Technology’s XPM (Extra Permanent Memory) IP products are now available for advanced 90-nm general-purpose and low-power designs. With the availability of the XPM-90G and XPM-90LP families for 90-nm designs, Kilopass is among the first memory IP suppliers to announce availability of a high-density nonvolatile memory (NVM) technology on both general-purpose and low-power 90-nm geometries.

Kilopass' highly secure XPM memory technology offers field programmability of NVM implemented in standard-logic CMOS processes, including 180 nm, 130 nm, and 90 nm. It’s meant for SoC applications such as digital rights management (DRM), high-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (DHCP), encryption keys, electronic security, mixed-signal trim and calibration, memory and pixel repair, encryption keys, firmware parameters, hardware configuration, and (secure) boot code storage.

Designers with 90-nm embedded NVM requirements may request a free XPM evaluation kit by contacting Kilopass at [email protected].

Kilopass Technology


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