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Online Chip Planner Gains Partners With Synopsys

It’d be difficult for any Web site purporting to offer “comprehensive chip-planning capabilities” to overlook the vast array of IP offered by Synopsys in its DesignWare portfolio. So to remedy such a situation, Chip Estimate Corp. has enlisted Synopsys in its Prime IP Partner Program. As a Prime IP Partner, Synopsys enables designers to gain centralized access to information about the company’s IP portfolio at ChipEstimate.com. Synopsys offers a portfolio stocked with synthesizable digital controllers; mixed-signal PHY IP; and verification IP for popular protocols such as USB, PCI Express, DDR, SATA, and Ethernet. In addition to the comprehensive IP catalog, designers can use the InCyte software available on the Web site to plan future chip designs and explore die size, power, leakage, and cost tradeoffs. Through the portal, designers may now search for Synopsys’ DesignWare IP portfolio and consider it in chip estimations. A complete list of the Synopsys DesignWare IP can be seen at ChipEstimate.com. Chip Estimate

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