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Open SystemC Initiative Freshens Up Web Site

The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) recently launched its new Web site for the SystemC community. Featuring fresh technical content, a range of free downloads, links to the activities of worldwide SystemC user groups, and user-friendly navigation, the new site at www.systemc.org serves as a watering hole and information clearinghouse for the worldwide SystemC community.

The redesigned site is intended to strengthen the ties and further open the lines of communication between all members of the SystemC ecosystem. Key elements include:

SystemC Community (open to the public):

• Link to the free download of IEEE 1666-2005 Language Reference Manual

• Downloads of open-source OSCI standards and publicly available drafts

• User Group Network

• OSCI and SystemC community news

• Event listings

• Newsletter (opt-in)

• Free downloads of papers and articles

• Discussion forums

Organizational (open to members):

• Access to technical working group drafts, documents, and minutes

• Posting of SystemC-related press release and media coverage

Participation in the technical working groups is the primary way to make progress in defining and advancing the SystemC language. Organizational features of the site were streamlined to help facilitate technical collaboration and information exchange among technical working groups, as well as OSCI members and associated groups. In addition, OSCI member news and media coverage were restructured to provide up-to-date news about SystemC.

While the new site is open and available to the public, access to some downloads and areas within the site are restricted. To get the most benefit from the site, OSCI encourages visitors to register and log in as a community participant or member. Details of registration can be found at www.systemc.org.

Open SystemC Initiative


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