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Operator Interface Uses LCD With Touch-Screen

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Only 0.78" thick, DST55 ultra-slim LCD touch-screen monitor is sealed to NEMA 4 standards for use in industrial applications where dust, grime and moisture are a concern. The LCD with analog-resistive touch-screen can be operated up to 33 feet from the host CPU via a digital PanelLink interface without degradation of picture quality or touchscreen data. Longer distances can be achieved with one or more of firm's RPXRP PanelLink repeaters or a fiber optic transceiver pair and fiber optic cable. The unit can be desk, wall or arm mounted using an industry-standard VESA FPMPMI mounting interface. Panel mounted versions are also available. Use of LVDS digital technology ensures very high noise immunity and low emissions, and allows simple and reliable connections between the host CPU and remote monitor.

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