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Optical Fiber Modem/Transceiver Delivers 256-Kb/s Data Links

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The Model 3340 plastic optical-fiber modem and transceiver for serial data communication over short distances is claimed to be the industry's first such device to provide RS-232-based data transmission over plastic optical-fiber cable at 256-kb/s, full duplex. The device is said to provide reliable operation at distances up to 100m by encoding the RS-232 data before transmitting over the cable. At the receiver, this signal is the decoded to restore the original transmitted signal. It is further claimed that these modems provide outstanding isolation and immunity from the effects of lightning, power-line surges, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radiated frequency interference (RFI). The modem also accommodates the conventional "Brake" signal. It is configured with a DB-9 connector and comes with a 10' DB-9 extension cable and a wall-mount adapter. Single-unit pricing is $175 and availability is from stock.

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