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Optical Transceivers Deliver New Levels Of Design Flexibility

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Designed to increase flexibility in configuring and building communication products, the Pluggable LC Optical Transceivers offer a pluggability feature that allows OEMs to make their selection of transceiver type at the last possible moment. Pluggability is said to provide the ability to handle constant changes in the marketplace and facilitates field replacement.The first device is a dual-port GBIC that is claimed to be the first to combine two LC transceivers into a standard GBIC format, thereby doubling port density while maintaining SCA-2 compatibility. The device also features a special keyed-rail system that prevents mismating the double-density GBIC into a standard GBIC port.The second device is a small form factor (SFF) socket that has the same footprint as a standard 2 x 5 SFF optical transceiver, allowing OEMs to populate PCBs with sockets only. The sockets feature press-fit retaining clips which both secure the transceiver and provide additional EMI grounding.

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