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OSCI Closes Review Of New TLM Draft Standard

After over 1400 downloads from all corners of the globe, the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) has ended the review period for the draft of its TLM-2 modeling standard for transaction-level modeling. The new draft standard further increases tools interoperability for virtual platforms containing memory-mapped buses and on-chip communication networks. In addition, the draft standard provides the essential framework needed for model exchange within companies and across the IP supply chain. Public review of the TLM-2 Draft 2 kit ended on January 31. According to OSCI President Mike Meredith, feedback by the SystemC community has been overwhelmingly positive. “Responses to our request for comments on TLM-2 since its release in December 2007 have come in from companies throughout the worldwide SystemC ecosystem,” says Meredith. “Many offered significant and timely ideas for improvement, and we are committed to reviewing and addressing all suggestions received in this process.” Suggestions received during the public comment period for improving TLM-2 will be reviewed by the OSCI TLM Working Group, who will make further refinements to the standard as it advances toward a final TLM kit later this year. The TLM-2 draft 2 kit is made available under open source license and includes a requirements specification, documentation, library and examples. OSCI TLM-2 is expected to be finalized by June 2008. Work will then begin on formalizing a TLM-2 language reference manual (LRM). Once the LRM is complete, OSCI intends to offer the document to the IEEE for standardization. The TLM-2 draft 2 kit can still be downloaded from the OSCI Web site. Open SystemC Initiative

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