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Panel Receptacle Features Safety Interlock Switch

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A new 7-16 panel receptacle features a safety interlock switch, which prevents people from touching a live high-power, high-current RF contact. The 7-16 Interlock Switch Panel Receptacle completes a circuit only when the male center contact is fully seated and the plug is mated per DIN 47223 specifications. Providing a fail-safe way to prevent people from touching a live contact, this panel receptacle is defaulted to the off position and is less cumbersome than using safety covers and other devices. Simple to install and use, the receptacle operates on 4 to 24 Vdc and is constructed with either gold or silver center conductors, beryllium-copper contacts, Teflon insulators, and brass bodies, either silver or TruLustre (tri-metal) plated. Rated for 5,000W, it has a dielectric withstanding voltage of 4,000 VRMS. The receptacle is priced at $89 depending on quantity.

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