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Parallel Fiber-Optic Data Links Offer 18-Gb/s Bandwidth

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The nLighten parallel fiber-optic data link modules are said to offer 18-Gb/s bandwidth with a density that’s eight times higher than that of current 1 x 9 serial transceiver products. The units deliver up to 1.5 Gb/s/channel data rates on 12 channels over multimode ribbon fiber-optic cable and are inherently IEC Class 1 eye-safe.The links are based on the firm’s vertical cavity, surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology, as well as on its launch technique- VCSEL technology provides very stable light output over typical system temperature variations. The modules’ bipolar driver/receiver circuits and high-fidelity electrical/optical packaging are said to provide maximum signal integrity at high data rates. They’re designed for high-bandwidth, high-density, point-to-point interconnects and allow both parallel and multi-channel serial data transmission. The nLighten modules are said to be easily cabled using standard MTP/MPO ribbon fiber connectors (IEC 1754).

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