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Parasitic Extraction App Touts Flexibility/Automation

In its newest version, Turbo Package Analyzer claims to be the industry's most advanced fully automated parasitic extraction program for advanced IC packaging. It is said to offer the optimal mix of automation, design flexibility, and ease of use for complex ball grid arrays.
The application now includes an interface that allows it to automatically characterize an entire package that has been designed in Cadence's Advanced Package Designer or Avant! Corp.'s IC Package Designer. Features include the ability to generate all resistance, inductance, capacitance and conductance (RLCG) models directly from package design tools.
The application accepts CAD data and fully characterizes in three-dimensions the entire package. For crosstalk simulations, the application can automatically produce a multi-conductor coupled RLCG model for each lead in the package. The user specifies the number of nearby (adjacent) leads for coupling and the program automatically calculates all of the parasitics.


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