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Patch Panel Allows Abets Audio system Connectivity

The fourth-generation PatchLink SPL 0.24" patch panel requires no-solder setup and features individually replaceable PC cards. The NYS-SPP-L modular 19" rack-mount patch panel features 48 balanced channels in one rack space and the front and rear sides each include two rows of 24 sockets for mating with stereo phone plugs. It is fully PCB-wired without nut fastening and configurations are screened on the top of the unit for ease of use. Accessories include individual send/return split print modules and a patch box with eight send/return modules with identifiable red jacks for the return channel. The accessories can be used to split the send and return of mixers into outputs and inputs, eliminating the need for Y-cables. NEUTRIK USA, Lakewood, NJ. (732) 901-9488.

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