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PC Card Adapters Touted As Industry's First

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Claimed as the industry's first family of adapters which can adapt CompactPCI, Miniature Card and SSFDC packages to fit PC Card slots, the AdaptaPak family of PC Card adapters allows small-format devices to be used in multiple systems, even before the primary slots are available. The newest member of the family is a CompactFlash Type + adapter, used to convert CF Type I and CF + devices such as IBM's new microdrive removable 340-Mbyte hard disk drive. Like all of the firm's PC Card products, each member of the AdaptaPak family features a sonically-welded, two-piece frame for a high degree of ruggedness and durability. Made of insert-molded stainless steel and plastic, the cases are strong enough to decrease the likelihood of failure should the adapter be accidentally twisted or torqued. Pricing is dependent on configuration and quantity.

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