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PC MIP Mezzanine Card Features Non-Volatile FRAM

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Offered as an alternative technology for the storage of firmware in embedded systems, the P15 PC MIP mezzanine card includes a non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) and can provide up to 512 KB of non-volatile RAM without the aid of a battery. Up to six of these cards can be mounted on a 6U PC MIP carrier card for an aggregate density of 3 MB of FRAM; three cards can be configured on a 3U carrier card for 1.5 MB. The card operates in the industrial temperature range from -40_C to +85_C. As access times for FRAM technology are essentially the same as standard SRAM, the card is said to significantly simplify designs. Two cards, a 256 KB version and a 512 KB version are available. The single-unit price for the 256 KB card is $315 and for the 512 KB card is $428. For further information, conatct MEN MICRO, INC., Carrollton, TX. (979) 939-2675.

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