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PC/104 Interface Cards Take To The Skies

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Targeting the avionics market, the PM family of PC/104 avionics interface cards communicate via the ARINC 429 and MIL-STD 1553 data buses and are available in commercial, industrial, and military temperature ranges. The P429-1 and PM1553-1 provide message filtering, input voltages of 28V, 12V, or 5V, series or shunt circuit configurations, and general-purpose timers that can be used as watchdog timers. The PM1553-1 has an auto-initialization feature that allows it to respond to MIL-STD-1553 commands before the host has fully booted. And the PM429-1 can be configured for non-standard databus speeds. Depending on features and configuration, prices range from less than $1,700 to $3,000. For more details, call BALLARD TECHNOLOGY, INC., Everett, WA. (800) 829-1553.

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