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PC/104-Plus Ultra 2 SCSI Module Sports A High-Speed PCI Interface

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The PCM-3430 is a new PC/104-Plus Ultra 2 SCSI interface module with a high-speed PCI interface. It supports three different types of SCSI storage devices: LVD Ultra 2, Ultra SCSI and Fast SCSI. The LVD Ultra 2 interface allows for faster SCSI data transfers. Up to 80 MB/s transfer rate is performed via synchronous operations on a wide LVD SCSI bus. The moduleÕs SCSI chip can process data and coordinate up to 15 SCSI devices. The SCSI chip also implements the LVDlink transceivers. This newer technologyÑlow voltage differential transferÑconsumes less power and is an inherently more robust signaling interface.The PCM-3430 comes complete with BIOS and drivers and is priced at $245 in OEM quantities. VERSALOGIC CORP., Eugene, OR. (541) 485-8575.

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