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PC133 Modules Squeeze Into 1U Rack-Mount Servers

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Designed for use in ultra-thin 1U, rack-mount servers, this line of low-profile, high-density registered PC133 memory modules stand only 1.15" tall and are available in 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB capacities. Despite the fact that the new ultra thin 1U servers at 1.75" tall are designed for rack mounting, most are restricted to using 1.15-inch-high memory modules, preventing use of standard PC133 modules impossible to fit.
These new memories are also 28% shorter than industry standard PC133 modules. The modules comply with all other PC133 specifications. Single-unit prices for the modules are $230 for 128 MB, $380 for 256 MB, $1,350 for 512 MB, and $2,700 for 1 GB.

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