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Photomultiplier Claims 100 Fold Detectivity Gain

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Through use of new monolithic photon multiplier technology that eliminates the hundreds of elements required in conventional photomultipliers, a series of new channel photomultipliers (CPMs) has been developed that lowers dark current to the low pico-amp range. The decrease in noise floor is said to translate directly to an increase of over 100 times in dynamic range, with the simplified design also providing performance stability reportedly never before seen in photomultipliers. Unlike the expensive gradient glass and different window materials used in other photomultipliers, the new CPMs only needs the entrance window of the desired glass or crystal to cover the different spectral ranges. This means that each photomultiplier in a system can be the same size and can incorporate the same post-processing electronics. The spectral ranges available include 115-200, 165-320, 165-650, 300-650 and 165-850 nm.

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