Electronic Design

Physical Prototyping Tool Is Fast And Accurate

Using a built-in synthesis engine, version 2.1 of the Sonar physical prototyper can generate an accurate physical prototype of a digital IC design in less than 1/25th the time it takes to fully place and route a large chip. The tool, which is part of Monterey's System-Driven Physical Design suite, also offers enhanced interoperability with implementation tools from other EDA vendors.

The prototyper delivers fast feedback on all timing, area, and power requirements that enables design teams to reach design closure. The synthesis engine performs logic restructuring, technology mapping, cell sizing, buffer insertion, and post-placement optimization. At the tool's output, designers find a ready-to-route physical implementation that includes fully implemented power and synthesized clock nets. The tool handles up to 5 million gates flat and can take such a design from netlist to prototype in less than five hours.

Supported on all 32- and 64-bit platforms, the tool starts at $105,000/year.

Monterey Design Systems
www.montereydesign.com; (408) 747-7370

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