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Piggybacking Heatsinks Keep Chips Cool

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Forged from what is called a highly conductive aluminum alloy, the UltraCool III series of heatsinks has been developed for helping keep ASICs, MCMs, video and audio chips, and other "hot" running components from overheating. They can be attached, piggyback style, to a wide range of packages, including SOJs, BGAs, PQFP, and PLCCs. The heatsinks can be attached by means of thermally-conductive adhesive tape, with electrically isolating and non-isolating versions available, or by employing through- or tapped-hole.
The pin fin heatsink line allows for considerable customization, with footprint, pin height and density, base thickness, and material of construction (aluminum or copper) all capable of being varied to tailor the sink to the application. Footprints can be varied from 0.5" x 0.5" to 2.5" x 2.5" and heights from 0.35" x 1.3". And UltraCool III sinks can be designed for cooling by either natural or forced convection.

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