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Pin Fin Sinks Come In Copper, Aluminum And Aluminum/Copper

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The new U-pin fin design promises solid thermal resistances due to a unique needle-like pin fin configuration, a large surface area, and the use of highly conductive materials. The line features three standard footprints, ranging from 1 in.2 to 1.5 in.2 and from a height of 0.3" to 0.8". UltraCool III U heat sinks are offered in aluminum, copper and an aluminum/copper hybrid clad versions. The heat sinks are designed for 23-, 25-, 27-, 31-, 35- and 37.5-mm packages and are forged out of thermally conductive materials. The product is effective with slow and moderate airflows (100 LFM and up) and is omni directional. Designer-friendly customized solutions are available to maximize performance within given space constraints. COOL INNOVATIONS, Concord, Ontario. (905) 760-1992.

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